Rather than floral tributes we understand that many families prefer for friends and families to make donations to a charity in memory of their loved ones.

Donations to a charity should be sent to the local representative of the charity.

Alternatively, Nethercotts have partnered with Memory Giving, a simple secure online payment processing site.

Memory Giving that allows the donations to be passed quickly to the charity and enables the recovery of Gift Aid to further enhance the gift. The site allows donors to leave a message or to give anonymously.

Memory Giving, in line with online payment services, takes a commission of 5% of the donation. We are confident that in the majority of cases, that with Gift Aid recovery, which Memory Giving provide on behalf of the charity, this commission payment is outweighed by the increase gained through gift aid. All donors receive an acknowledgement and thank you for donating from Memory Giving.

If you would like this option, we will create the Memory Giving collection page for you. You can personalise the collection page by providing a photograph.

To make a donation using Memory Giving click here and use the name of the person who had died to search for the appropriate page.

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