Our Coffins Range

Our Coffins Range

We offer a wide selection of coffins, which range from the traditional to eco-friendly coffins and picture coffins as illustrated in our brochure. Please click the link below to access our coffin brochure.

Traditional Coffins


A simple oak or mahogany veneered coffin with brass effect fittings. Internally a simple white dressing gown set is provided.


A high quality oak veneered coffin with oval pressed panels, veneered mouldings and beaded lid. Fully fitted and furnished to the highest standard with dressing gown set and internal side sheet frills.

The Last Supper

A traditional highly polished elm veneered coffin, with panels, distinctive double raised lid. Fully fitted, furnished with brass plated fittings, and complemented internally with superior quality dressing gown set in a choice of colours.


This coffin is also available as a veneer coffin. The veneer is named The Georgian coffin

A traditional solid oak coffin with a high gloss polish, deep double mouldings, panelled sides and raised lid. Fully fitted to the highest standard, with metal bar handles.

Complemented internally, with a superior quality dressing gown set in satin.


A solid oak casket of superior quality with hinged lid. Furnished to the highest standard and fitted internally with a deep padded satin pillow and elaborate lining.

Colourful Coffins

We normally use Colourful Coffins as our supplier of these coffins. They are the UK's leading supplier of environmentally friendly custom designed picture coffins. We have brochures available in our offices showing the full choices available.

Natural Environmentally Friendly Coffins

These coffins and caskets are suitable for both burial and cremation. They are available in the traditional or a more rounded shape. We use Somerset Willow to supply our wicker coffins and caskets. Illustrated here are some examples, we have brochures available in our offices showing the full choice available.

Wicker Coffin


There may be some variation in colour from the photographs shown on this page.