Price List

Price List

See below for the full breakdown of our price structure.

Price List

At Nethercotts, we recognise the importance of being able to view the prices of a funeral directors’ costs before making a commitment to arranging a funeral. We have therefore listed our prices in the drop-down boxes below.

The prices listed here are some of the standard services that we provide. If, however, you wish for a more bespoke funeral and would like the cost of this, please do not hesitate to contact our offices where one of our experienced arrangers will be able to discuss your requirements and assist you.

The total cost of the funeral will comprise of four main elements, our professional fees, the coffin selection, additional funeral directors’ services and the third-party fees and disbursements. The first three elements are listed here. The third-party fees will be discussed with you when making funeral arrangements as these fees are set by the third party involved.

  • Professional fees include our professional attention throughout the arrangements, use of the private mortuary and Chapel of rest, care of the deceased. Administration, providing confidential guidance and support on all funeral related matters, making the necessary arrangements including liaison with all third parties, receiving floral tributes prior to the funeral and providing a personally manned 24 hour emergency telephone service - £1730.00
  • Provision of a hearse, conductor and funeral staff - £810.00
  • Embalming – temporary preservative treatment - £175.00
  • Removal of pacemaker (for cremation only) - £100.00
  • Albany Oak veneered coffin - £305.00
  • Albany mahogany veneered coffin - £345.00
  • The Mymms panelled veneered coffin with flat lid - £375.00
  • Georgian panelled veneered coffin with raised lid - £435.00
  • The last supper Italian veneered coffin - £625.00
  • The Arlingham solid oak - £1275.00
  • Can / seagrass coffin - £605.00
  • Somerset willow coffin - £855.00
  • Colourful coffin - £735.00
  • Glitter coffin - £920.00
  • Solid oak caskets, cardboard coffin and oversized coffins – POA
  • Providing a 6-seater limousine - £230.00
  • Horse Drawn Carriages - £1300.00
  • Conveyance of deceased from London area hospitals (excluding low emissions and congestion charges)- £100.00
  • Additional time for our staff attendance over 3 hours per vehicle (per half hour or part thereof) - £50.00
  • Coffin reception during office hours - £250.00
  • Coffin reception out of office hours - £450.00
  • Coffin reception on a Sunday - £800.00
  • Temporary wooden grave marker - £75.00
  • Collection of cremated remains from local crematorium - £30.00
  • Removal and replacement of headstone for burial - £210.00
  • Standard wooden casket for cremated remains - £82.00
  • Delivery of cremated remains locally - £30.00
  • Arranging an interment of cremated remains locally, plot preparation and attendance of our staff - £120.00
  • Scanning and storage of digital fingerprint - £10.00
  • Grave digging (cost varies depending upon depth of grave) – from £450.00
  • Grave capping (if applicable) – POA
  • Our services are provided free of charge for children under 18 years of age. This includes the provision of a simple coffin, our professional services, a hearse and limousine.

At Nethercotts, we also provide 2 funeral packages depending upon your requirements. The basic funeral package is a more cost-effective funeral service but has certain limitations as listed below. The direct cremation package is a no service funeral.

The basic funeral package includes all of the elements necessary for a simple funeral service at one funeral location. The package includes the following:

  • Our professional fees
  • Conveyance of the deceased during normal working hours (Monday-Friday 9.00-5.00) from the place of death to our premises within a 15-mile radius of our offices
  • Care, preparation and dressing of deceased in a gown
  • Visiting the deceased in our chapel of rest during normal working hours
  • Funeral service on a date and time chosen by the company
  • Provision of a hearse to travel from our premises direct to the funeral venue, funeral director and funeral staff
  • Basic coffin
  • Service at a local crematorium or cemetery

The cost of the basic funeral package is £2100.00 plus third-party disbursements. The basic funeral must be paid in full prior to the date of the funeral.

Our direct cremation package is designed for families who do not wish to attend the funeral service and includes the following:

  • Our professional fees
  • Conveyance of the deceased during normal working hours (Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00) from the place of death to our premises within a 15-mile radius of our offices
  • Care preparation and dressing of deceased in a gown
  • Provision of a hearse to the crematorium
  • Basic coffin
  • Cremation fee at a local crematorium

The direct cremation does not allow for a funeral service and therefore, the date, time and location of the funeral is not given to families when the funeral is booked. The cost of the direct cremation package is £1830.00 plus doctors’ fees if applicable. The direct cremation must be paid at the time of making the arrangements.

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